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Teachers Council recruits from a wide variety of teachers whose expertise expands over multiple academic disciplines, with each educator holding years of experience in their specific teaching specialty. With the growing initiative for a U.S. STEM based education system and the demand for language and special education programs, the Teachers Council has taken this enterprise head on by specializing our focus on placing teachers in the positions of: Mathematics Teachers, Science Teachers, Technology Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Language Teachers (Spanish, French, Chinese, and more).


  • Education - All teachers possess at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree from an internationally recognized college or university. The degree is equivalent to a U.S. degree which has been certified by an approved academic credential evaluator (i.e. World Education Services).
  • Experience – Teachers Council requires all participating teachers to have real world demonstrated teaching experience in the classroom setting. In addition, most Teacher Council educators have a background between 3-10 years their teaching specialty. Teacher’s Council verifies the experience of our Teachers and provides placement recommendations to our partner schools, following their requirements.
  • License – If your school district or private intuition requires a state teaching certificate/license to educate, the teachers council works with your chosen teacher to secure this requirement before the start of the school year.
  • Language Ability - Our teachers have excellent English Language fluency, including both spoken and written. All teachers are pre-screened by Teachers Council and undergo an extensive interview procedure in which the teacher must successfully demonstrate their knowledge of the teaching specialty in the English Language.