Teaching Positions

Teach in America

TC Teaching Positions

TC helps teachers work in their specialized field of education in US locations from coast to coast.

Positions may include:

  • Science, Math, and Technology
  • Special Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a second language

Benefits of Teaching with TC

Offering a complete Comprehensive Program, TC will appoint a representative who will provide guidance through every stage of the placement process. This representative will supply directions and answer questions from your initial interesting in teaching in the U.S. to finalizing your job offer and date of arrival at the school.

TC Teachers receive:

  • Full-time teaching position in your field of specialty
  • Competitive salary and benefits along the same lines as your U.S. colleagues
  • Complete H-1B visa processing arranged through an expert legal team
  • Complete Permanent Residency processing for those being sponsored by schools
  • Visa support for your family
  • Provided assistance and guidance when applying for state teaching certificates

See below the map of areas where we have placed teachers