Make A Payment

Use the form on this page to make your payment. 

Please note: If paying online, the website will now automatically calculate the 3% transaction fee. Please only input the base amount you have been invoiced – DO NOT add 3% yourself. Thank you for your prompt payment.

Payment Options:

Online: PayPal or Credit Card

Please note, online and credit card payments will incur a processing fee of 3%. This fee is now being directly calculated on the base invoiced fee, there is NO need to add an 3% fee. Please only insert the base amount.
Enter the client’s name and visa type for the Description, XXX for the amount, and click continue.

International Wire/Bank Transfer

Notify your case manager for details if you wish to make an International Wire/Bank Transfer.

Note: Please cover the cost of any fees, typically $20 USD, associated with an international wire.


If you (or a friend/family member) are located in the US, you may also mail a check or money order made payable to Teachers Council, Inc. to: Teachers Council, Inc. ATTN: Your Case Manager 95 Cathedral Street, Suite 100 Annapolis, MD 21401