For Schools

The J-1 Teacher Program is a great way to add diversity to your school, incorporate unique teaching perspectives, and increase the global awareness of your students while filling high-demand teaching positions at your school with qualified international teachers.

Teachers in the program may teach at your school as a lead teacher of record for an initial period of up to 3 years. During this time, they will complete a yearly cross-cultural presentation and connect students in your school to students in the teacher’s home country via a virtual connection project. At the end of this 3 year period, should the school wish to have more time with the teacher, an extension of 1 or 2 years is possible. Exchange teachers are paid by your school, or school district, a salary that is commensurate with a similarly situated domestic teacher, having a similar teaching position and level of experience.

Host School Eligibility for the J-1 Program:

Publicly or privately operated primary or secondary institutions for the education of children in the United States
Offer mainly academic programs
Accredited by the appropriate academic accrediting authority of the jurisdiction in which the school is located
Will offer the teacher a full-time position of at least 32 hours per week of teaching or related administrative duties
Will offer the teacher a position term which coincides with the regular academic school year, in full year terms (*with exception on a case by case basis)
Will offer the teacher a position which is temporary (up to the maximum allowable 3 years of the J-1 Program with potential to extend in one or two year increments), even if the teaching position is permanent, and does not lead to tenure
Will provide the teacher direct employment, supervision, and guidance by the school, and where applicable, the school district
Will allow and facilitate the teacher in completing the necessary yearly cross-cultural presentation component of their J-1 Program within the school
If hiring for a pre-K position, the teacher will be teaching language immersion only
Will not utilize the teacher for recruitment purposes for permanent employment or assist the teacher in obtaining a change of visa status during their program
Teachers Council is authorized to sponsor J-1 programs in any state or territory of the U.S., provided that the teacher is able to meet the certification standards of the receiving school or school jurisdiction. We sponsor J-1 programs for teachers who have already been given tentative employment offers from U.S. schools found independently. We also offer a Placement Program for qualified applicants that do not yet have a school, and would like assistance in finding a position at a qualified U.S. host school.