Application Process for Teachers:

Step 1

Request a course-by-course credentials evaluation for teachers from one of the NACES member agencies.
Our H-1B team recommends Foundation for International Services.

Step 2

Optional: Research about applying for a US State Teaching License. It may be possible to apply from abroad in certain states: New Mexico, Arizona, and Georgia. Other states may issue temporary or “emergency” licenses for qualifying foreign teachers: Texas and Massachusetts. Please do your research and apply accordingly.

Step 3

Prepare your documents: Passport. Transcripts. Diplomas. Certificates. All transcripts and diplomas should be in English or attached with a certified translation.

Step 4

Prepare your resume and cover letter for schools to review.

Step 5

Submit your initial application on our website. H-1B Application

Step 6

Send your resume and cover letter to schools for a job offer or join our Job Placement Program to be connected to schools with job openings.

Step 7

When you get a job offer, let us know! We will review your paperwork and start your visa application process with the indicated government agencies.

Step 8

When we receive your Approval Notice, we will send it to you.

Step 9

When you get your Approval Notice you will need to fill out the form: DS-160 online to make an appointment at the US Consulate Office/US Embassy. This is where you will get the visa stamp. When you get your passport back with the visa stamp, you are ready to travel to the US!