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J-1 Teacher Updated Contact Information

Please use this link to update Teachers Council with any changes to your address or telephone contact information so we can update SEVIS accordingly.

J-1 International Travel Validation Request

Please use this link to request international travel validation approval. You must submit a request with your destination and dates of travel, and be approved for each international trip you plan to take. Following receipt of your Travel Validation Form, your Case Manager will reach out to you regarding next steps.

Teachers Council: Professional Learning Community (PLC)

The Teachers Council: Professional Learning Community (PLC) is an open space where our J-1 Teachers can post questions, seek advice, ask for help with challenging situations or students, share success stories, and support one another. All discussions must focus on student learning, improving techniques, and becoming effective teachers. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, and there is no judgment here – only positivity and encouragement.

The 4B.E.L.S.

Teachers Council is committed to supporting our teachers to establish the most effective and emotionally safe learning environment for students of all ages. Brain research information and instructional strategies are your support for behavior management and motivating your students.

For teachers, all-aged students, parents, grand-parents, for anyone interested in improving behavior, learning techniques, and more. A resource for creating optimal learning environments that can empower all brains!

Visit and learn how to create the best possible educational environment for your students. Dr. Seidman, Teachers Council’s Board of Directors Chairperson, supports each one of you and offers ongoing advice and help as you begin or continue your journey in our U.S, classrooms.

Email Dr. Seidman with questions at or visit her Facebook page to learn new information and strategies.

*Teachers Council is not an accredited educational institution and as such cannot attest to the effectiveness of the strategies recommended in the 4 B.E.L.S approach. Dr. Seidman’s book is not published by Teachers Council and Teachers Council receives no revenue from the sale of the book.