Placement Program FAQ

How much does the Placement Program Cost?
The Placement Program offers additional targeted services for international teachers who wish to be connected to eligible schools in the USA that are interested in hosting international exchange teachers. Teachers Council provides services beyond those in our self-placed program, paying additional attention to your Placement Application process to generate a comprehensive and compelling Placement Profile. When you engage in the program, you will submit a $500 Placement Application Fee. From there, Teachers Council will work with you to ensure your ability to participate in the program, and then we will utilize our network of school contacts in the USA to place you in the most appropriate school, facilitating multiple interviews when possible so that you can choose the best one for you. Upon successful placement with a school, a $2,500 Placement Match Fee is charged. From there, the regular program fees are collected dependent on the length of your program, if you are going to bring any dependents, and whether you require premium processing.
Does Teachers Council place teachers in any specific states?
Teachers Council is able to place you in any state where your credentials and level of education allow you to teach*. We place teachers all around the country depending on school position availability, and your unique area of expertise. Therefore we cannot say we only work in specific states. If you have any specific preferences during the placement process, you can always let us know and we will do our best to focus on those areas. However, we cannot guarantee that there will immediately be a school willing to host a J1 teacher within your preferred area, so it may add some time to the application. If you are willing to be placed anywhere in the U.S., then that expedites the placement process. That said, it is of course your choice where you ultimately decide to work, and you do not have to accept placement anywhere that you do not want to.

*If you wish to be able to work in a public school system, you must be able to acquire the appropriate license or certificate to teach in the public school district. Teacher license and certification requirements for public schools are governed by the State Department of Education in each U.S. state. Private school teachers typically have less requirements to fulfill in terms of certification, but again, this varies by U.S. state.

Do you only place teachers for the fall?

Teachers Council primarily places Placement Teachers at U.S. schools in accordance with the regular American school year, which begins in the fall (typically August or September) and ends in the following Spring (May, June, July). The bulk of open positions at U.S. schools will be for a fall start date, because schools begin hiring for anticipated open positions prior to the start of the new school year.  Furthermore, it is a requirement of participation in the Teacher Exchange Program that at the time of application, the teacher is currently working full-time as a teacher in his or her home country, so this should also be considered when it comes to application planning.

If accepted into the Placement Program, will I be given choices of schools?
Teachers Council is authorized to place teachers in any school where his or her credentials and experience allow them to teach. Teachers Council will assess each candidate’s ability to teach in various schools and positions around the country, and through our established school partners, to present as many school placement options as possible to the applicant. We aim to be able to present multiple choices to the applicant teacher whenever possible, so that the teacher can compare schools to find the best fit. But because placement options are based on real position availability, we cannot guarantee any specific number of choices. If after completing interviews with any potential host school, you decide the placement is not the best fit, it is your choice as to whether you would like to continue allowing Teachers Council to present you with other host school options.