Placement Program

Teachers Council is pleased to offer a Teacher Placement Program for eligible teachers who do not yet have a tentative job offer from a U.S. school, and who wish to have assistance in finding a qualified host school.

Interested foreign teachers can apply directly with Teachers Council without having to engage with a third-party organization or recruiter.

Teachers Council is authorized to place a teacher in any U.S. state or territory where his or her credentials and field of education allow them to teach. We place teachers throughout the U.S. depending on school position availability. If the teacher has any specific preferences during the placement process, they can always let us know and we will do our best to focus on those areas. However, we cannot guarantee that there will immediately be a school willing to host a J-1 teacher within the preferred area, so it may add some time to the application. If the teacher is willing to be placed anywhere in the U.S., it will expedite the process.

Placement Application Overview

The Placement Program involves an in-depth application and interview process to create customized and impressive Teacher Profiles for each teacher accepted into the program, which are then shared with interested schools. In order to create the Teacher Profile, we collect a Teacher Placement Program Application, an in-depth interview, video files, sample lesson plans, background check certifications, testing results, and other materials to ensure that our Placement Program Teachers are of top quality to ensure their success in finding a suitable school match. The Placement Program takes place prior to the normal application review and DS-2019 issuance process, and requires additional fees.