Placement Program

Teachers Council (TC) is pleased to offer a Placement Program for eligible foreign trainees who do not yet have a confirmed training program with a US host organization, and who wish to have assistance in finding a qualified host organization.

Interested foreign trainees can apply directly with TC without having to engage with a third-party organization or recruiter. To begin please submit a J-1 Trainee Initial Eligibility Form.

TC is authorized to place a trainee in any US state or territory where his or her credentials and occupational field qualify them for the program. We are designated by the US Department of State to sponsor J-1 Trainee Visas in the following three occupational categories:

    1. Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services 
    2. Hospitality and Tourism 
    3. Management, Business, Commerce and Finance

Placement depends on the availability of positions and the needs of the host organizations for specific skill sets. During the placement process we listen to your preferences and do our best to match you with a host who’s program would be good training for your chosen career, and in a location you desire. We cannot guarantee a perfect match, plus the more flexibility you have may mean that we can find a match faster. Ultimately, you have the final determination if the program is a good fit and will work well for you.